Praise for WIN OR DIE

 "​Readable and accessible, exciting and engaging, Win or Die provides a master-class in leadership."

- Paul Ingram
Kravis Professor of Business, Columbia Business School
"The ten chapters of Win or Die leverage Craven’s thirty years of experience in the field of executive education, drawing both on his work with senior executives and with graduate business students. Real-world leadership challenges are viewed through the competitive environment of Game of Thrones. Craven offers practical lessons from some of the best thinkers in our field. This book will help you take your people and your organization forward to success."

- Todd Jick
Senior Lecturer in Discipline in Business at the Columbia Business School

 "Bruce Craven, a born story teller, people connector, and beloved Columbia professor, provides insightful lessons in Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones.  Representatives of House Stark remind us: Winter is coming. This is a simple statement with many leadership meanings.  One example is that we compete in a world of rapidly evolving business models and accelerated innovation. The most likely disruptor to an existing business is increasingly not the traditional competitor, but the agile competitor who will blindside the competition. That competitor is the winter we must prepare to confront. In the land of the incumbents, choosing to do the same things won’t gain you a competitive edge. Bruce shares actionable leadership lessons for GoT fans and non-fans regarding competing in this ever changing economy.  Take the time to read his book and win the Iron Throne."

- Rachel Mushahwar
Vice President and General Manager, US Enterprise, Government, and Cloud Sales (Tech Industry)  

“In C-suite roles, organizational success depends on educating your teams. Knowledge transfer is how senior executives improve overall performance. Win or Die presents a method to understand and implement proven leadership capabilities. Read it and prepare to compete. Winter is coming!”

- Barry Salzberg
Former CEO, Deloitte

“Neuroscience tells us that sometimes looking at challenges through unconventional lenses can prompt higher levels of creative thinking. In this entertaining and instructive work for fans familiar with Game of Thrones, fans are sure to experience a few ‘aha’ moments to help shape their own journeys.”

- Rita Gunther McGrath
Professor of management, Columbia Business School, and author of The End of Competitive Advantage

“Bruce Craven has extracted applicable leadership lessons from Game of Thrones, creating a masterful guide to drive business success. Win or Die is insightful, compelling, and impossible to stop reading. If you face leadership battles, if winter is heading your way, read this book, go forward, and win!”

- Bob Kulhan
President, Business Improv, and author of Getting to “Yes And”

“Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘As you cannot do what you want, want what you can do.’ In Win or Die, Craven guides us through the stages of our leadership journey, teaching us skills to reach to the very limits of our own possibilities.”

- William Duggan
Senior lecturer in business, Columbia Business School, and author of The Seventh Sense

 "Bruce brings the concepts of leadership to life, through vivid storytelling and ideas. His leadership teaching at Columbia Business School covers a wide range of styles, from the challenging to the supportive, highlighting the importance of purpose, flexibility and communication. His insights on leading through stories and fiction help leaders to motivate their teams to achieve great things, and build resilience, judgment and empathy."

- Antonia Romeo
Permanent Secretary at the Department of International Trade, United Kingdom

"Bruce combines his experience as a writer with his excellence in teaching, making him a global forerunner in the use of narrative for leadership. His graduate business school course "Leadership through Fiction" is a true eye-opener and a transformational experience. An amazing storyteller himself, Bruce has helped countless executives and students leverage the wisdom and power of stories to improve the leadership of themselves, their teams and their organizations."

- (Prof. Dr. Dr.) Matthias Ehrhardt
Director AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development, Boston / Munich
Author of: The Ugly Duckling is a Swan. On Turnaround Stories

"Win or Die is an impressive and creative piece of work that tackles the complex realities of leadership in the 21st century. Bruce provides examples from the series to illustrate coaching, risk, politics, planning and implementation, and he dovetails characters and plot lines to help the modern leader confront day-to-day strategic and operational challenges."

- Dil Sidhu
Former Vice Dean of Executive Education, Columbia Business School